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Manufacturers of Eco Friendly Building Materials and SIP Panel Homes

Sips-Design.co.uk is the Internet outlet for our and SIPs Design and Sips Construction Services and is a subsidiary of Technical Quality Services Limited.

As TQS, we have existed since 1992 as a design house principally for engineering and structural projects. We work directly and invisibly for well known companies on all variety of projects. Prior to 1992, and before specialising in SIPs panels, SIPs roof panels and becoming known as leading SIPs manufacturers, our company was known as Roto-Jay Technical Engineers Limited and we concentrated on the design and build aspect for speciality equipment and machines. Our senior designer, Tom Jones, set up this company in 1973.

TQS has completed many SIPs projects and this is our main area of focus. Our projects range from bespoke and exclusive design right through to construction and final completion. Here are some previous SIPs project examples:

  • Laboratory for British Antarctica Research at South Pole
  • Schools for Leicester, Sandwell and Henbury Councils
  • A four-storey hotel for Days Inn Group Nuneaton
  • Apartments in the South West
  • Large housing development Apartments in Northern Ireland
  • Home extensions
  • Many and varied self-build speciality house projects

We believe that SIPs Design (panel systems) can be utilised for almost any construction -- from large business premises down to simple garden sheds!

Key People at SIPs Design

Tom Jones

Tom Jones is the principle of Sips Design and he takes a wide and active part in all projects and for the running of the business.

He began his engineering apprenticeship in 1961 at Murray and Lunt Ltd, Precision Engineers in Liverpool, although M&L had no design capabilities it was soon evident that Tom had this unique ability. It was because of this, and towards the end of his apprenticeship, that his Boss transferred him to a larger company, namely Davies, Pritchard and Richmond Ltd in Speke, that did have its of design facilities. He later whet on to work for a Patterson Erection Limited in Aintree, a Structural Construction Company, thus further expanding his horizons within the many aspects of the building and civil trades.

It was out of adverstiy that Tom decided to set up his own business. Having loaned or invested most of his life savings with this construction company, he lost all after their collapse. At this time and having just become a father to his first daughter Sarah, he found himself on the brink of being out of work. But out of the blue Tom was invited to provide an independent design service for a large Company in Ruabon -- Wickham Fabrications. Such was the volume of the projects handled that many of Tom’s previous employers and acquaintances joined the growing throng offering him design work for this new venture.

Although the company has been establised over 4 decades, Tom is still enthusiastic about work and makes a point for getting involved with most projects passing through the company. He is especially enthusiastic about SIPs and for its recent expansion in construction use.


A personal quote by Tom:
"SIPs is an exceptional product and its uses should be made known throughout the country, not just to the construction industry. This is a product to help save a nation from the cold, we at SIPs Design can help by providing better designs.".

Ineta Stubure

Ineta is a young designer at SIPs Design, she is well capable and competent in using our different CAD systems. She has been with the company for just over four years and has settled in well.

Ineta has been involved with speciality and intricate SIPs work since joining the company and she has produced fully her own detailed projects complete with all engineered panel and insert timber details for a wide variety of projects.

Also she has worked on the design and detailing of conveyors and biscuit handling equipment for well known companies.

She is married and has become a real globe trotter who regularly makes return visits to her own country, Latvia, whenever she can. Also she is very fond of taking numerous short holidays breaks all over Europe.

A personal quote by Ineta:
"I really enjoy working with SIPs because this is a true eco product, which can be made as a kit in a factory ~ then shipped to site ~ which is then easy and fast to erect, the real advantage this gives to the ordinary builder is that the key-skill on-site is common sense and this should enable a further saving to the self-builder".

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