How Much Will a
SIPs Home Cost?

Is it true that a home built with SIPs will cost less than a traditional "bricks and mortar build?

A similar question that is posed to us by many of our enquirers time and time again is "just how much will a SIPs home cost?".

The question usually refers to how much the construction of a SIPs home or building will cost when measured against what one would normally be expected to pay out for a traditionally constructed house or building.

In order to answer your queries we have been in discussions with several of our SIPs collegues and we have posed these same questions to them and received the following approximations...

You must bear in mind that building designs vary in all sorts of ways. Some dwellings are single storey while others are three storey. Some buildings have flat roofs while others have multi-facetted roofs with dormers etc.

We have simply equated the basic costs expected for typical parts for a standard construction of a SIPs home.

The charges include the SIPs panels and the engineering content to provide its shape and profile complete with fixings, timbers and splines.

These charges are directly related to the surface area of SIPs panels being used in the construction and NOT the metreage of the building footprint.

    Expected charging rate (updated for 2009):

  • For the external walls ~ £60-75 per sq metre
  • For the internal walls ~ £50-60 per sq metre
  • For the roof and beam support structure ~ £85 per sq metre

On-site assembly will then cost in the region of £20-£25 per sq metre of SIPs.

For providing internal floors using Eco-joists and overlaid with flooring add a further £35 per sq metre surface.

These are representative charges one may expect to pay, but these could vary from house design to house design depending upon maximum panel length, room widths, type of roof, and so on. Please accept these figures as a guide only.

If you are in the early stages of planning your SIPs home... or even just toying with the idea of using SIPs at all... why not drop us a line with your query. We can, at the very least, point you in the right direction and help you make a more informed decision as to whether SIPs is the best system for your build.

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