Our SIPs Design Services

SIPs design services

We offer several levels of SIPs design and consultancy service. Our services are available to anybody -- from long established SIPs manufacturers, SIPs erectors, Architects and local councils to small building companies and independent, self-builders. We turn nobody away!

On this page you'll find more details about what we provide and how it may benefit you. Because different clients have different needs, we have addressed each potential client separately below, for ease of reference.

There are however, aspects of our SIPs design services that are applicable to every client we work with:

Completely Independent From SIPs Manufacturers

Our services are completely independent from those of the manufacturers or the erectors of SIPs. Although we have worked for many of the leaders in this industry, we firmly believe that being entirely impartial is the best stance for us to take, particularly when providing our type of service.

As we have no axe to grind, we can provide useful information to everyone embarking on s SIPs project; or those who simply wish to know how to go about creating a SIPs design for home or factory.

We can offer a one stop solution -- design through to manufacture and delivery. Our best merits are for the design and organisation of any SIPs type project. Following this you can opt to use our recommendations for SIPs manufacturers and / or SIPs erectors (only if you feel like doing so). Or, you can simply select your own. Click here for more details of our SIPs construction and consultancy package.

Our part in the project will be to the highest level of quality and accuracy. We will be available for you -- to ask questions, to give advice and to resolve any of your ongoing concerns which may occur during the life of the project.

We are long-term designers and are well experienced with on-site projects. We fully appreciate the wide and varied needs of the first time builder... who often needs a helping hand and plenty of friendly guidance along the way. This, we believe, is a service we can provide like nobody else.

General Commitment to Quality
& Customer Care

We consider our standards to be the very highest and to this end we work to the best feasible quality in all of our SIPs designs, for each and every customer. Our design creation is of the utmost accuracy and includes for close tolerance construction methods ideally suited to SIPs.

From our first point of contact we make ourselves readily available so that any questions and concerns you may have can be expressed and addressed at the earliest opportunity.

In the event of you having problems either with the structural insulted panels themselves or your contractors, we are always easy to contact and in most cases can give a quick response with valuable advice and help as needed.

TQS Ltd will never share or use your designs with any other customer and the whole of your project and files are treated in the strictest confidence.

Bespoke SIPs design serivces

A Bespoke Service for Every Client

The pages below will give more insight into our services as they apply to different types of clients:

Our Sips Design Services for Independent & Self-Builders
Thinking of building your next home using SIPs? If you're an independent self-builder there may be some potential pitfalls you are unaware of. See how our services can help you keep your project on the right track from day 1...

Our Sips Design Services for Architects
As an Architect you may require your client's drawings or sketches to be converted into full manufacturer's drawings as well as 3D models and visualizations...

Our Design Services for Builders & Developers
Are you a building firm or development company using SIPs on an upcoming project? We can meet any design requirements you need and we present them in a way that makes your job as simple as possible...

Our Design Services for SIPs Manufacturers and Erectors
We work closely with several SIPs manufacturers to offer clients a one-stop solution. Perhaps you have a client who has approached you as a first point of contact. You can outsource our design services to provide your client with the complete package...

Our Design Services for Housing Associations & Local Councils
We have designed many schools using structural insulated panels for a number of local councils. More and more larger organisations realise the short and long term benefits of building with structural insulated panels. We are well equipped to take on any size project...

Don't fall into one of the categories above? We'd love to hear your plans and would be happy to answer specific questions you may have. Simply use the form below or see our contact information at the foot of this page.

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